DJIBOUTI ::: Djibouti - Tadjoura - White Sand Beach - 2-Day Tour

Day 1:

Departure from Djibouti to Tadjoura, the white city with the seven mosques, the cultural center and the seat of the Sultanate Afar. Visit the city and get to know how it became a stop-point and temporary home for countless French explorers at the beginning of the last century (H. Monfreid, A. Rimbaud..) since it was a necessary stop on their way to Abyssinia. Discover the old harbor where fishermen unload khat and feel the rhythm of Tadjoura life. Lunch with the locals.

In the early afternoon, depart by boat or by road to the beach of "White Sand", located on the other side of the Gulf of Tadjoura. End the day on this beautiful sandy beach; swim and admire the amazing sunset in rich seabed of the Red Sea.

Dinner at White Sand.

Day 2:

Breakfast at White Sand. Morning at White Sand to admire the amazing sunrise.

Lunch on the beach. 

Departure to Djibouti via Lake Assal OR directly to Djibouti City.

Discover Lake Assal - a spectacle of crystalized salt. The lake is located 153m below sea level and is surrounded by dazzling white salt and gypsum formations that contrast sharply with the landscape of volcanoes and black lava surrounding. The saltiness of the water allows one to float effortlessly in the lake. 

Departure from Djibouti at 09.30 AM

Back to Djibouti at around 18.00 PM second day

The package includes:

lunch, diner, breakfast, mini-lunch, transportation, water & soda (open for the entire trip), sleeping accommodation (open-air bungalow with mosquito net, showers and toilets) and guide for the entire trip


Toyota Land Cruiser, d45, d49, d47 & d57. All the seats are equipped with seat belts + airbags in the front seats.

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