DJIBOUTI ::: Djibouti – Lake Abbe – Lake Assal – 2-Day Safari Tour

Cross the Small and Grand Barra Deserts where you can see frequent mirages, antelopes, gazelles and rock carvings. Enjoy the Sunset/and Sunrise at the Lake Abbe. Overnight at the Lake Abbe lodge huts, 1-hour morning walk by the lake to view the colonies of pink Flamingos. On the way back pass by Lake Assal, a lake that is surrounded by a pack of salt and gypsum of dazzling whiteness 150m below the sea level.

Depart Djibouti at 09.30 A.M.

Back to Djibouti before sundown second day


The package includes: lunch, dinner, breakfast and mini-lunch, transportation, water and soda (open for the entire trip), sleeping accommodation (traditional Djibouti hut with cot and a mosquito net), traditional music program after dinner (dance show is on availability) and tour guide for the entire trip.


Toyota Land Cruiser. All the seats are equipped with seat belts + airbags in the front seats.

Day 1:

-   Departure from Djibouti at 09.30hrs to the South. On the way we will be crossing the Small
and Big Bara. These are large expanses of white clay skins. On the way, if you are lucky, you can also see frequent mirages, antelopes and gazelles.

-   Lunch at Dikhil. Dikhil is a town in the western Dikhil Region of Djibouti. Lying east of Lake Abbe, It is situated about 100 kilometers Southwest of Djibouti City and 12 km (7 mi) south of the border with Ethiopia.

-   Departure from Dikhil to Lake Abbe at 1400hrs. Lake Abbe, also known as Lake Abhe Bad, is a salt lake, lying on the Ethiopia-Djibouti border. It is one of a chain of six connected lakes, which also includes (from north to south) lakes Gargori, Laitali, Gummare, Bario and Afambo.

-   At Lake Abbe you will be enjoying the wonderful Sunset on the shores of the Lake. Overnight at the lodge of Asboley near the Lake with dinner included.

Day 2:

-   Wake up early morning to admire the Sunrise on the shores of Lake. In this strange world, you can admire the rows of jagged limestone needles up to 50 m. Walk 1 hour to approach the colonies of flamingos in the Lake.

-   Breakfast at Lake Abbe. Back to Dikhil for departure to Djibouti OR pass by Lake Assal for 1-hour stop at Lake Assal (optional), mini lunch and then back to Djibouti. Arriving to Djibouti at 17.00hrs.

-   Lake Assal: located in an area of less than 150 m from the sea level, within a framework of volcanoes and black lava, it is surrounded by a pack of salt and gypsum of dazzling whiteness.

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