DJIBOUTI ::: Djibouti - Lake Assal - Forêt du Day – 2-Day Trip

Day 1:

Departure from Djibouti city at 08.00AM towards Lake Assal. It is located 150 m below sea level, within a framework of volcanoes and black lava and is surrounded by dazzling white salt and gypsum formations that contrast sharply with the landscape of volcanoes and black lava surrounding. The saltiness of the water allows one to float effortlessly in the lake. Enjoy the mesmerizing and crystal clear water of the lake, explore the hot springs and the Assal Rift.

Lunch near the Rift at 12.00PM. Depart from Lake Assal towards Foret du Day at 14.00. Arrive to Foret Du Day at 17.00. Settling down at Foret Du Day Camp. Enjoy hiking and exploring the ecosystem of the forest - dry tropical Afromontane mixed woodland in the Goda Massif mountain ranges in the North of Djibouti where, historically, the dominant forest tree was African pencil cedar Juniperus procera.

In terms of ecosystem of global and national significance, the forest was the most important key site as home of variety of rare, extremely arid-adapted species of fauna such as Critically Endangered species i.e. Djibouti Francolin, Leopard, small breeding population of the Endangered Egyptian Vulture, isolated small populations of green monkey and klipspringer and Endangered flora. During the hiking you can also see the Garden of Hambouka, L'oued Ayboli water passage and the cascading village. 

Return to Camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 2:

Breakfast at 08.00Am and after start walking towards the forest. Hiking of 3.5KM to reach the house of the old colonial governor. The remains of the house are situated on the peak from where you can have a nice view to Tadjoura, White Sands and the Islands. During the hiking there is also a possibility to see various unique bird and animal species like the bird Francolin.

Return to Camp for lunch. Departure to Djibouti city at 14.00. Arrive to Djibouti at 17.00


Departure from Djibouti at 08.00AM

Back to Djibouti at around 17.00 PM second day

The package includes:

lunch, diner, breakfast, mini-lunch, transportation, water & soda (open for the entire trip), sleeping accommodation and guide for the entire trip


Toyota Land Cruiser, d45, d49, d47 & d57. All the seats are equipped with seat belts + airbags in the front seats.

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