DJIBOUTI ::: Djibouti – Camel Caravan - 2-Day Tour

Day 1:

Departure at 09.00AM to Gagade. Make a stop for picnic lunch at Palm oasis of Gagade and visit the area where the locals make homemade wine from the palm.

Afternoon visit to Oued Kalou. It has many sources of hot springs and is rich in some species of fish. In the evening meet the Camel Caravan.

Dinner and overnight with the Caravan at Oued Kalou with open-air sleeping accommodation with a cot. 


Day 2:

Depart Oued Kalou at 07.00AM. Walking with the Caravan approx. 14 km to reach Lake Assal, which is located in an area of less than 150m below the sea level. Within a framework of volcanoes and black lava, it is surrounded by a pack of salt and gypsum of dazzling whiteness.

Mini-lunch on the way to Lake Assal. Arriving to Lake Assal at around 15.00. 

Return to Djibouti by card at around 18.00.



This package includes: picnic lunch, dinner, breakfast and mini-lunch, transportation, water and soda (open for the entire trip), sleeping accommodation (open air sleeping accommodation with cot), and tour guide for the entire trip.



Toyota Land Cruiser. All the seats are equipped with seat belts + airbags in the front seats. 


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