DJIBOUTI ::: Djibouti – Arta Hiking and Arta Beach - 1 Day Tour

-   Departure at 07.00AM towards Arta Village

-   Arrival at Arta at 14.00 and preparing for 2-hour hiking. Escape from the Djibouti City heat and enjoy the mild climate of the region with its beautiful nature.

-   Arrival at Arta beach at 10.00AM. Enjoy the sea and the beach covered with stones. Bring your own snorkeling or diving gear and you can see the amazing variety of fish and sea species.

-   Lunch at the beach and return to Djibouti city


Departure at 7.00 AM
Return to Djibouti at around 18.00


The Package includes:

Lunch, transportation, water and soda (open for the entire trip) and tour guide for the entire trip.


Toyota Land Cruiser. All the seats are equipped with seat belts + airbags in the front seats.

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