Armenia, the Country of Wonders, the Land of Noah.

A country that is rich with old legends and Biblical stories, with a fascinating view to Biblical Mount Ararat, a country of more than 4500 years of history.

Just touch the stones and feel the presence of one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. The Architecture of Armenia is like a true symphony of stone and represents a real masterpiece of Art - more than 3500 monasteries, churches and temples scattered all over the country, some of them hidden in the depths of astonishing Armenian nature and some of them proudly standing next to the modern buildings.

Armenia is warm with unique historical monuments, waterfalls, pure springs and rivers, and emerald lakes surrounded with peaks of Skyscraping Mountains. It offers a myriad of prospects for hiking enthusiasts. Whether you are a veteran hiker or simply enjoy losing yourself to the wonders of Armenian nature.


Armenia is very beautiful during the day and at night, with its lighted streets and people walking or sitting in open-air cafes with a vitalizing cup of coffee or tea, or numerous restaurants with traditional and international cuisine. In the evening each open-air café turns into a live jazz or Latino concert with famous musical bands playing your favorite tunes.





Historically Armenia has been a wine producing land. The annals of Armenian cognac go back to the 13th century. The Armenian cognac is highly valued all over the world. Yerevan’s Vernisage (arts and crafts market) bustles with hundreds of vendors selling a variety of handmade crafts. The Market offers woodcarving, antiques, fine lace, hand-knotted wool carpets and rugs that are a Caucasian specialty. Silver and Obsidian, which is found locally, is crafted into assortment of jewelry and ornament objects.





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