Desert safari

GOOD TO KNOW: Evening Trip with Dinner included

AVAILABILITY: Daily from 15:00 to 21:00

LOCATION: Dubai Desert

DRESS CODE: Casual & Sporty

An adventure like no other, the desert safari will take you off-road into the desert for a thrilling and exhilarating experience in the capable hands of one of our experienced drivers.

Riding in a luxurious four-wheel drive vehicle you will experience the wild majesty of the Arabian Desert, one of the last true wildernesses on Earth, and be enthralled by the spectacular scenery of the vast sweeping sand dunes. Watch the full glory of an Arabian Desert sunset and then relax in comfort at the traditional Arabian campsite where more activities for to savor await you.

Ride a camel, smoke aromatic Shisha (water pipe), sand surf, take a picture with Arabic costumes, or have a traditional henna painting done are all part of the experience. For the grand finale, tuck into the sumptuous 3-course Arabic feast, accompanied by an authentic Belly Dancer and finish with the soft tones of Arabian folk music under a moonlit sky to complete the experience.

Camel Riding & Sand Surfing

GOOD TO KNOW: Maximum 6 pax per car

AVAILABILITY: Daily from 09:00 to 12:00


DRESS CODE: Casual & Sporty

Sand boarding (using snowboards on sand dunes) is a truly unique and exhilarating experience and is perfect for sports enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

Feel the rush of adrenaline as you speed down sand dunes safe in the knowledge that as much as it will be pleasurable, the soft sand also ensures safety!

Refreshments on hand can be enjoyed during breaks, or whilst sunbathing on nearby areas. Another exceptional experience will be riding a camel’s back enjoying the scenery, after which we head to the exquisite traditional desert campsite in the dunes.


GOOD TO KNOW: Sunrise trip



DRESS CODE: Casual & Sporty

Start your adventure at sunrise with a luxurious drive through the desert, and take in a glimpse of the fantastic scenery as you approach the launch site of the hot air balloon. As you float above the red dunes, the mesmerizing landscape slowly unfolds before your eyes.

As you rise higher into the desert sky, the rugged Hajar Mountains are revealed to the east, and the 21st century skyline of Dubai to the west. A true desert adventure, flying the hot air balloon is an exceptional experience.

Overnight safari

GOOD TO KNOW: Camping at the desert – minimum 4 pax

AVAILABILITY: Every Thursday & Saturday from 15:00 to 09:30 on sharing basis


DRESS CODE: Casual & Sporty

An adventure like no other, the desert safari will start off by driving over sand dunes of varying colors and heights, riding luxurious four-wheel drive vehicles. All throughout this ride, you will be enthralled by the spectacular scenery that nature has to offer. An opportunity to view the full glory of an Arabian Desert sunset will be a cherished experience.

A traditional Arabian campsite awaits you for more activities to savor. Opportunities to ride a camel, smoke aromatic Shisha (water pipe), sand surf, or have a traditional henna painting done are all part of the experience.

As for the grand culmination, a 3-course Arabic feast is to be enjoyed. A Belly Dancer will then perform, having the moonlit sky and an Arabian folk music as background completing the mood. Then enjoy waking up as the sunrise and a pleasant breakfast greets you before wind up the trip.

Hatta Mountain Safari

GOOD TO KNOW: Full day tour with Lunch included

AVAILABILITY: Every Sunday & Wednesday from 09:00 to 16:30

LOCATION: Hatta Mountain

DRESS CODE: Casual & Sporty

Experience the rugged desert lands of Dubai in this amazing scenic journey. This drive to the outskirts of Dubai takes you through Oman territory and the Hajar Mountains, with its spectacular mountain scenery, imposing cliffs, geological layers, and wondrous ochre-colored mountains.

The canyons area offers fresh water rock pools and a chance to take a dip in the natural cool waters of Hatta and to see the occasional hidden waterfalls inside a gorge.

The trip also wends its way to the ancient fortress village of Hatta, where a restored traditional mountain village offers a glimpse of life among tranquil oasis, mud and barasti houses surrounding the fort, which is now a weaponry museum. Finally, a delectable lunch at a hotel lets you relax and enjoy before heading back to Dubai.

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